HBV-related antigens

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HBsAg (also called Bionanocapsule) is the surface antigen of Hepatitis B virus (HBV). HBsAg is known to be present in blood if HBV infected patients, and used as a important diagnostic maker of HBV infection. HBsAg forms a small lipid particle(diameter 50 to 60nm)in which many antigen protein are present. Each antigen protein has three domains, called S, Pre-S1 and Pre-S2. L-type antigen contains all the three domains, M-type antigen contains S- and Pre-S2, and S-type antigen consisted of only S-domains. During the process of HBV infection, Pre-S1 domain plays a key role for host (hepatic) cell recognition, and Pre-S2 domain is essential for cell penetration. In infected patients, hepatic cells produces a lot of non-infectious S-type HBsAg (HBV mimetics without genome). The detection of serum Pre-S2 and Pre-S1 antigen is, therefore, very important to reveal the mechanism of HBV infection. Beacle has over a decade of R&D history on HBsAg and related materials, and developed the production process of various HBsAgs . In this page, we introduce these HBsAg-related products.

General flyer for HBV-related antigens

Products listed in this page can be ordered directly to us through order form.

Properties of antigens

Our HBs antigens are all recombinant antigen produced in yeast or E.coli. Therefore, antigens shows stable quality, and does not cause HBV infections.

Types of antigens

1. HBsAg L-protein
Particulate HBsAg composed of L protein that has all three (S、Pre-S1、Pre-S2) domains, also called L antigen or large S antigen. The product is produced in recombinant yeast. Because all the three domains can produce antibodies and are recognized by each domain-specific antibodies, the product is ideal as an universal antigens. In addition, the antigen can be used as a tool to investigate HBV infection. Four products with different genotypes are available; genotype A, B, C and D. For detail see L-antigen datasheet.

2. HBsAg L-protein ST
Particulate HBsAg composed of L protein that has all three (S、Pre-S1、Pre-S2) domains, also called L antigen or large S antigen. The product is produced in recombinant yeast. Amino acids  of S domain is replaced by naturally occurring escape mutants so that this antigen does not work as normal  S-antigen; it is not recognized by ordinary anti-HBsAg (S) antibody and does not work as antigen to produce normal anti-HBsAg (S) antibody. Because other domains are normal and  recognized as each specific antibodies, it can be used as a mimetic of HBV escape mutant or an antigen specific for Pre-S1 and Pre-S2 domains. The antigen may be  useful to investigate HBV infection mechanism since it can escape from normal anti-S antibody. The genotype is C. For detail see L-antigen ST type datasheet.

3. HBsAg XT
HBsAg showing high S-antigen activity. The antigen shows 3- to 5-fold higher S-antigen activity as compared with a typical HBV infected serum used as the HBsAg standard.The antigen can be used as the standard for HBsAg determination, antigens for anti-HBsAg antibody detection system, and others. The genotype is C. For detail see HBsAg-XT datasheet.


4. HBcAg
HBV Core antigen (HBcAg) is the particle antigen composed of full length  HBV Core protein. The product is produced in E.coli. HBcAg datasheet.

Other HBV antigens, and labeled products of above antigens are available on request. Please contact us from here.

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