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Product outline

As blocking solution, we developed 4 types of Blocking Solutions for Western blot and ELISA. Blocking is used to minimize non-specific binding of antigens or antibodies to the surface of membrane or ELISA plate by covering blocking agents. However, the property of antigens or antibodies is different each other, and the non-specific binding also differ depending on detection methods, the selection of blocking agents is very important to get best results.

Beacle developed blocking solutions specific for Western blot or for ELISA, which contain 4 types of different blocking agents. The blocking solutions for ELISA are designed to long-term preservation of pre-coated plate.

Products with last code of “-w” are designed for Western blot, and “-e” for ELISA. 

flyer for Blocking solutions

Selection of Blocking agents

Blocking Solutions have following main ingredients and characteristics ;
c-Block:100% chemical components. Good for WB and antibody-detecting ELISA.
h-Block:Casein-based. Good for many applications.
k-Block:degnatured casein-based. Shows stable results in many applications.
b-Block:BSA-based. Good for many applications.
Trial set:a trial kit composed of all the above 4 solutions. Good for screening of best blocking solution

Selection of Blocking agents
A general rule is described. We strongly recommend to select the best one by screening using Trila Set.
For Western Bot Many reserachers seems to use Skim milk. Skim milk is not bad choice, but it very often gives you weak signal due to its strong blocking action. Below is the recommendated use of our bloking solutions.
①To get higher signal(accept some background increase):k-Block, c-Block
②To reduce background(accept some decrease of signal):b-Block, h-Block
③To use as a standard blocking:h-Block, b-Block
④To detect phospho-protein:c-Block, b-Block
For ELISA Below shows choice of blocking solutions depending on the ELISA system you use. All the solutions for ELISA are desinged for long term preservation, and dryed precoated plate can be stored for a few months after blocking at 4℃.
Antigen-detecting ELISA:
 Direct method (detect antigen adsorbed on plate by detecting antibody):c-Block, b-Block, k-Block
 Antibody-sandwich method (detect antigen by captured antibody by detect antibody):k-Block, b-Block, h-Block
Antibody-detecting ELISA:
 Direct method (detect antibody captured by pre-coated antigen):c-Block, b-Block, k-Block
 Antigen-sandwich method (detect antibody by captured antigen by detect antigen):k-Block, b-Block, h-Block 

Product feature

1. Ready-to-Use
2. Optimized blocking solution for WB and ELISA
3. For WB, stronger signal can be obtained by using Skim milk*
4. For ELISA, pre-coated plate can be stored for months

*: based on experiments in our laboratory

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