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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 products
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Signal Booster Neo
Beacle,Inc. Signal Booster Neo
Sale priceFrom ¥16,200 Regular price¥18,000
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Save ¥800
Signal Booster
Beacle,Inc. Signal Booster
Sale priceFrom ¥7,200 Regular price¥8,000
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Save ¥600
Blocking Solutions
Beacle,Inc. Blocking Solutions
Sale priceFrom ¥5,400 Regular price¥6,000
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Save ¥550
Ponceau-S Staining Solution
Beacle,Inc. Ponceau-S Staining Solution
Sale price¥4,950 Regular price¥5,500
Save ¥1,450
Protein Size Markers
Beacle,Inc. Protein Size Markers
Sale priceFrom ¥13,050 Regular price¥14,500
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Save ¥2,500
Easy-WESTERN Multi
Beacle,Inc. Easy-WESTERN Multi
Sale priceFrom ¥22,500 Regular price¥25,000
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Save ¥3,600
Beacle,Inc. Easy-WESTERN
Sale priceFrom ¥32,400 Regular price¥36,000
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